When you choose a MOBILITY ADO brand, you are also supporting our initiatives. Our philosophy is based on our core value which is putting people first. We strive to create fascinating experiences that change people’s lives based on the following approaches:

We are committed to protecting our environment, which is why we promote initiatives to improve the quality of life of our different stakeholders (partners, customers, suppliers, associates, authorities and competitors), generating a positive impact on today’s society.

This refers to an entire day of free mammograms and doctor consultations, in favor of BREAST CANCER prevention in women from different communities.


Our main objective is to create awareness on preventive cancer check-ups, since an early diagnosis is what defines the future of a life.

 We support initiatives that promote a better quality of life


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Our Actions


Assisting communities in their development is what drives us.

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The Insurgence Route

This initiative has been carried out uninterruptedly for 64 years, being our first social responsibility program and one of the oldest in Mexico.


It consists in a tour that takes place through the cities of Veracruz, Xalapa, Mexico City, Queretaro, San Miguel, Dolores Hidalgo, Guanajuato and Cordoba, with children from the Port of Veracruz that have obtained the best averages in elementary school.


Our purpose is to inspire the new generations and motivate them to follow a successful path; promoting culture, knowledge and values. Thus, we contribute to form outstanding citizens to promote a better future for Mexico.



In collaboration with federal authorities, we are taking a stand against the new challenges in mobility and promote projects that are focused on Environmental Conservation.


We design actions to evaluate and execute efficient and sustainable solutions in terms of:


Projects and strategies with authorities


Rainwater harvesting

Water and energy conservation

Use of biofuels and UAN solutions with SCR technology

Committed to the preservation of environmental resources, we have 24 sustainable bus terminals equipped with:

Photovoltaic cells

Wind generators

Rainwater harvesting systems

Waterless urinals

Sustainable Bus Terminals

We perform these activities to responsibly contribute to improve quality of life in our current and future generations.


Mobility connects you with communities in different ways, through the transfer of knowledge, resources and capabilities; so that communities are the actors of their own development.


ADO FOUNDATION and our social actions form the most human part of MOBILITY ADO. We have traced a path with the purpose of impacting on the economic, social and environmental change.


Through ADO Foundation, MOBILITY ADO supports social projects, which benefit the development of more vulnerable and distant communities.

We have formalized for over 10 years our commitment to invest in community development through 4 special programs:

Environmental Protection

Road Safety Education and Civil Protection

 Women Focused Development

Corporate Volunteering

Protecting the environment also involves preserving opportunities to improve our quality of life. Nature is our greatest resource and one of the greatest joy in the community we work for.

Therefore, we encourage communities to design viable strategies that allow them to generate economic resources and a sustainable management of their natural resources.



Women Focused Development

We promote initiatives and leadership by women that are organized to consolidate productive ventures. We see women as a factor of family and community transformation. We support the development of their capacities and access to basic resources so that they can find the best tools to lead the future in their communities with awareness and creativity.

We encourage initiatives that seek the promotion of road safety education, as well as the generation of a civil protection culture that allows different communities to learn how to respond to natural disasters.

We aim to strengthen the capacities and abilities of grassroots groups and social organizations, through the professional and personal knowledge of our volunteers, as well as subsidiary volunteering activities in favor of the communities.

Our initiatives

Supporting social



We detect and detonate collective social investment actions to maximize resource utilization.



We promote synergies between MOBILITY ADO, the projects we support, and the

organizations with which we share common interests.



We strengthen the structure and Follow-Up Model of our local partners and their projects.

Social investment requires allies, form and meaning


Terminales sustentables

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Al elegir una marca de MOBILITY ADO, estás apoyando nuestras iniciativas.

Poner a la persona en el centro es nuestra filosofía; queremos crear experiencias fascinantes que cambian vidas a partir de los enfoques: