In MOBILITY ADO we provide high quality urban mobility services, since we are facing the world’s current of resource optimization. In order to provide sustainable and innovative solutions adapted to your specific mobility needs, we offer:

  The best team

of experts

The most advanced technological systems

Experience in comprehensive solutions

Our actions in favor of the environment

MOBILITY ADO maintains a continuous investment in R+D+I (Research, Development and Innovation). This allows us to position ourselves at the forefront of mobility solutions: from environmentally friendly coaches and buses (electric buses, hybrid coaches, etc.) to the latest planning and management technologies for transport systems.


We assess and apply the latest technologies, in order to improve our mobility solutions in the cities in which we operate.

We revamped our bus fleet with units that use clean fuels and a hybrid technology, allowing us to offer an environmentally sustainable service; in addition to the fact that we have maintenance and monitoring protocols for CO2 emissions in all our units.

 They are lighter in weight, and therefore do not generate any noise

They help reduce polluting emissions

Flexibility and great performance

They do not emit pollutants or greenhouse gases

Ability to meet large demands of people flows

 They are a great solution for cities that seek an alternative to traffic congestion


We seek solutions that reduce hazardous emissions and improve city environments. We promote sustainability by using efficient and environmentally friendly buses and coaches that use biofuels as their primary energy source.

These are already part of the city bus fleet in Zaragoza, Spain, with Volvo’s Hybrid 7900 model. The selection is based on different tests with diesel hybrid and electric technology.

Bus Features:

Electric auxiliary systems to save fuel: The doors, the air conditioning system, the power steering and the brakes are some examples of the bus’s electrically driven features.

Less weight, less consumption: Its body combines both aluminum and steel, which gives a perfect balance of strength and low weight. Up to 90% of the body can be recycled. This concept reduces its weight, thus contributing to lower fuel consumption and emissions.

Low noise level: The bus’s exclusive parallel hybrid technology contributes to reducing noise, both for passengers and in the city environment. This creates a silent and more comfortable experience.

Low fuel consumption: This bus can deliver significant fuel savings of up to 39%.

Environmental performance: Reduces energy use and CO2 emissions by up to 39% and hazardous emissions by close to 50%.

Silent comfort: its hybrid technology and electrically assisted systems contribute to less noise, reducing it to a minimum.

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