We bring simplicity

to life

We have participated in global mobility since 1939.

Our brand is:

Our goal is to simplify user experience through a mobility network, because it can be fluid and hassle-free.

We build centered customer solutions considering their needs.

We harness resources and data in order to deliver  comprehensive solutions that lead us forward.

Our beliefs:

All journeys should be easy and accessible

Sharing data and information accelerates commercial success

Building communities leads to human advancement

Less is more

Enjoying the ride is our ultimate goal

Education is our starting point

Alternative mobility modes are changing the way we move

We have a global scope with presence in Latin America and Europe.

MOBILITY ADO increasingly operates in more cities:

Mexico, Spain, Portugal and Guatemala

A Global scope  :





Over 26,000 employees.

In Mobility ADO, we have:

130 BRT Vehicles in Mexico.

Over 8,000 buses.

 Over 6,000


Over 450 bus terminals.

Over 1000 million kilometers driven every year.

Over 1,800 coaches in Spain and Portugal.

More than 500 million passengers every year.

Control of the operation of 7 BRT lines in

 Mexico City

Did you know that...

At MOBILITY ADO we travel about 3 million kilometers per day, which is equal to making 7 trips to the moon every day.

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